Aramco Outside Blinds
 Manufacturing Shutters Since 1938


Since our beginning in 1938, ARAMCO has been focused on protecting the homes and businesses of our clients. Over the decades, we've grown significantly by custom manufacturing at our 40,000 sq ft factory in Galveston, Texas. We specialize in three types of rugged and sturdy aluminum shutters that are cost-effective, easy up-keep, and extremely durable: ARAMCO Outside Blinds, Accordion Shutters, and Rolling Shutters. People all across the country turn to ARAMCO for premium certified shutters and outside blinds. Whether you choose our energy efficient Outside Blinds, Accordion Shutters or Rolling Shutters, they can withstand high winds, dust storms, heavy rain, hail, and are a strong deterrent against burglars and intruders.
In addition to our durable line of premium aluminum shutters, we custom-build, repair and replace the screens for your doors and windows. For the best all-around protection from intruders, inclement weather, and high energy bills - ARAMCO Shutters are your solution! Call ARAMCO now at 409-762-9652 or e-mail us today at  and find out how little it would cost to protect your home with attractive ARAMCO Shutters and screens.